2012 - teaser trailer [HD]

08 Ağustos 2010 Pazar, 08:44

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Jim Kanes
we should go see this in the movies looks good.

C Duggie Bezold
to me. It's whatever happens, happens.
I'd like to see this materialistic world fail

Shawn ヅ Freed

Karon Dyer Miller
I'm sure I'll go see it but it's
just going to panic people and I don't
believe anything will happen anyway.

Cool Nick Tennis Nick
the end is comming soon

Keith Crovisier
hahaha Did you get this off my page Ina?Cool
Movie huh?

Kyle Aguillera
This video sets it up to be such a good movie but
we all know that 2012 aint gonna be the end of no

Daniel Cohen

Ric Holl
‎...I'll Stand on the Bow!

Romeo Pulga
aww .. the water should be colored as brown or as
black because the soil , etc. , will mix up with
the water , as if it reached the Himalayas region
.. :P

Renel Harlan
‎2012 best movie ever made! n 2012 best movie i
ever seen!

Vanessa Geraldino Ortiz
hi guys!!!! have u seen 2012 movie?

Vanessa Geraldino Ortiz
better watch out....

Gelila Teshome
I wanna see that movie real bad!!!!!!

Kerenel Lim
grabe ang bangis nang speciall effects

Joseph Pinnisi
Really? 2012 huh? I'm still researching the
point at where Jesus speaks this in the Bible. If
memory serves me correctly, i was not taught this
in any of my religious classes. Can't find it
in the Bible. There aren't any religious
figures(o...f God/Jesus Christ)that will back this
theroy. I don't believe the work God sent me
here to do, will be done in that time frame. Then
again, i don't believe thier(God/Jesus)work
will be done by then either.Maybe we have an
obligation to our Lord Jesus Christ and God our
Father, to believe, obey and carry out the
prophicies they have already delivered before we
get mixed up in this, man made theroy,of when the
world will end!Maybe we are so GUILT ridden
because of the vast pace we took to dispell thier
teachings, by removing such powerful adages such
GOD", and the best... Merry CHRISTmas",
to name a few.Guilt is a powerful weapon, used
only by the enemy!!!God blessed us all! Free will
to all people was his present to for us. So that
we may make decisions based upon rights and
wrongs,peace or distruction,love or hate,justice
or injustice, with out influences. It's my
OPINION that we should simply heed to what Jesus
spoke to us about what his Father( Our God )
expected from us. Believe in what Jesus has done
for us and thank him every day for giving his life
for the sake of our sins!Columbian Pictures will
be featuring, what seems to be a very entertaining
movie and i hope we enjoy it! I just PRAY we
don't take it seriously and act upon it.
Remember, God already blessed us, we destroyed
that! Good news though, he always loves and
forgives us, no matter what! If we(in our hearts)
believe in him and his son, our Lord Jesus Christ
has done for us!!!See More

Raffy Beboso
you must be warned

Rneen Hakeem
alflm kteer 7elo ana 7ederto

Khalifa Al-ameri
i watch this movie yesterday and it was awesome i
like it because it have massage that we should be
ready for this day at any way ,by the way that
movie deserve an academy award it was very nice
one i hope that all people think so .

Kekso Kesoo Koenae
nice mne7!!!P:O:D

Mochammad Daniel Hari Suharto

Đăʼnĩĕĺ Ŝąĭđ
I don't like it too

Mohamed Akawe
i dont like it i scare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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