Back flip gone bad. LMAO!

30 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi, 19:20

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Miranda Taylor Dickerson
o my! haha that is an***azing video.

Demi Doss

Mihaita Birti
im glad ur alive...

Austin Gilliam
That was ridiculous. haha.

Amelia Jaeger
that was freaking hysterical!!!

Brittany Koenen
wow demi lol that was umm... interesting

Jason Baran
omg that hilarious. haha good that ur ok tho

Briana Koenen
hey demi way to ditz it up lol :)

Savannah Wood
Hahaha:) Okay so this made me laugh!

Whitney Grace Booy
oh my dear God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahahahahahhahaa that's so horrible,
but, hilarious!!

Torie Wolf

Keller Kerns
That made my night. hahahaha

Shane Douglas Light

Kyle McCoy
wow dumbass! lol

Demi Doss
WOW..... I'm glad you all are having fun.I
could've died!JERKS:(Hahahahah just kidding.
I laugh every time I see it too.I'd have to
say its the most popular video so far on facebook

Whitney Grace Booy
hahaha, oh yes for sure. :)

Kyle McCoy
tv 1 demi 0

Demi Doss
Kyle, shut it. :) Hahahah

Sidne Bowman
Okay, I'v watched this like 5 times! And im
still laughing! This is so funny Demi (:!

Demi Doss
I could probably do a back tuck!;)

Sidne Bowman
I bet you could(:!

Alanna Sanders
that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!

Joshua James Partridge
hahahahhaha EPIC

Crista Morton
Hahahahaha, simply***azing.. made my night.

Demi Doss

Payne Colton
Hahah. OMFG WTF!

Mariah Lee Grammer
i looooove this lol it makes me laugh so hard.

Demi Doss
Kay so,I go into wendy's to get me a nice
burger and the worker was all like, "I saw
your video."I'm like What!? Really?!
WOW!Hahahah. Which is very strange.

Katrina Bean
Bahahah I love this!! I laughed forever!!

Jacob Berry
omg, that had to hurt ur back!

Luke Douglas
haha i shouldnt be laughing but dang demi...that
was crazy

Demi Doss
Didn't hurt at alll :)Dude, I'm tough

Murat Akyürek
epic fail :D

Shelby Lynn
Hahaha omgg how did that not hurt?!?!but it is
soooo funny! :D

Demi Doss
Like I said, I'm tough :)

Matt House
Hahahaha. You must feel like a loser..

Demi Doss
No I feel awesome!!:)

Haley Moore
lol wow demi your backflip has ***ten a lot of
attention :p

Demi Doss
Dude, I know xD

Demi Doss
Yeah, where is a picture of you?! Lol.

Kelsey Raney
I can't believe this was on Ellen
today!!!Good Job Demi=)

Dylan Beck

Matthew Wayne Baker crap...srry...

Jakob Shipman
haha that was soo funny and E.J. u could choose
something else lol why a turtle? haha but still

Jasmine Traylor
I saw this on JayLeno or whatever that guys name
is. That's crazy! :D

Ryan Fracek
pure comedy gold

Evelyn Lopez Navarro
omg i didnt know about this funnyvideo of you i
meetyou mo today and she told me about it

Bubba Justin Rogers
hmm didnt your mom tell you not to jump on the
bed? if i did that i would fall through the floor

Benji Lee
thats ***in hilarious

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