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Beyza Aydın
‎"When God's help and victory have
arrived, and you have seen people entering
God's religion in droves, then glorify your
Lord's praise and ask His forgiveness"
(Qur'an, 110: 2-3

Tuti Karim
Allah will show the truth...coz Allah is the only
one God,subh***lah...Islam is the best way! I
love Islam...thanks brother yusuf,Allah bless you

Asma Jamo
I have great respect for you Harun.may Allah bless
you and those like you.Ameen

Faisal Farooq

Azhar Mehmood
When everyone will have Noor inside, they will
become united by the relationship of Noor (Light
of God). Regardless of race religion or creed it
will establish the relation of Noor between
Momins. AL Quran:"Those that God chooses,
guides with the Light."

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