Paranormal Activity 2 - Trailer 1 [HD]

11 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi, 21:10

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Miriam Hernandez

Keziah Cebuano

Fran Lovely Vargas
es terrible

Alex Cruz
at the very end. the picture. look at the kid in
the mirror in the bunk. now look at the bunk bed
on the right................. O_O i know

Joshua Carson
Holy Shit. This preview scared the balls out of

Kiva Offical Cox
this ***in movie fina be raw azz hell...i *** to
go see it

Eya Harzi
shit ilove this film but i get scared when i wach

Eya Harzi
but they r sayin that its not the end of the real

Sevda Hasret
Beni Ekle ..!! Fake Değilim İnanmayanlar
Fotoğraflarıma Bakabilirler..!!!

Ahmet Laleoğlu
süper bir korku filmi gercekten yapanların
ellerine sağlık .....

Rebecca Fox
omg cant wait 2 wach it its going to be so good
but i hope its not dumb

Raymond Graceffa
holy SHIT!!!

Lisa Marie Ward
I think baby n dog died init not 2 sure but we
all gonna wait n c x

Roland Hyseni
shum filum i fort :D

Mpattom Montsdeok

Joey Melillo
wow thats crazy at the last scene when the kid nd
dog r gone if u look in the mirrior the kid is
still there in the mirior but not in the actuall

Angel Paul Heredia Garcia
puxa k mierda

Chris Yum Yum Wright
wow cant wait for it to come out!!

Abbigail Ann Gontier Hayes
it looks soo awesome

Leslie Zuniga

Hero Love

Renz B. P***uingan

Andy Doran
Damn! Love it baby! Even the trailer s ared me
and I*** hard to scare!

Zuzia Wolska
Wanna see 2 !!!! Is it on, already ?!

Yugandhar Deshmukh
*** dat vid.... it has error.....

Tyler Gutierrez
anybody else notice when the girls standing in
the doorway the baby isnt in the crib, but if u
look in the mirror it is in the crib?

Mary Em
‎22 października w PL. Już nie mogę się
doczekać :)

Feer Herrera Gomez
pulentooooooooooooooooo :|

Josh Fernandez

Ieva Kscenaviciute
jega jau 2 dalis yra;p

Patrick Paula
very nice!

Casady Risenhoover
LOOK!!!!!! U cant see the baby but in the mirror
the baby is ther!!!!!!!

Amazigh Haddar
oh yes

Ralph Navarro
o yeah! can't wait!

Jenny Kask
I'm scared now: (

Balbu Siman
ooohhhh yeaaa

George Covalciuc
fu*king awesome this movvie

Alberto Camacho
yeeah...! i can´t wait for view this movie, but
in mexico when can i see that???

Mauricio Zambo Scudero
se ve que va a estar muy buena!!*****

ѼSakura-chan CuoreѼ
va a estar muy buena !!!!!

Vlajko Ost
whether someone knows how to find on the internet
to watch

Jason Kim
this is ***ing awesome

Christopher Daniel Joseph Geddes
baby is in mirror but not in carriage

Maria Armenta
its cool but sooo scary im wating for the 2 (:

Oğuzhan Alper Pehlivan
screw you guys ı going home :D

Murat Kcmz
incredibly beautiful movie

Maikel Rabbers
Seems brilliant, once again.

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