Peace Through Music Film Trailer Playing For Change [HQ]


26 Aralık 2009 Cumartesi, 21:53 tarihinde yüklendi

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Peace Through Music Film Trailer Playing For Change [HQ] 10 / 10 33 kullanıcı yorumu.
Sibel Aygul
great :))))

Stephanie Lundy
love it! yes!

Eileen O'Toole
yes to peaceyes to music

Walter Saldaño
Muy BUENOOOOO!!!!!!!Salù

Mandy Leathers
thats wot its all about common ground!!!

JFay Rose
make art not war

Rosemari Roast

Thomas Berthon
Wolld is a big word so as music! Peace!

Luis Boyer Serrano
The capitalists are the Reptilians They want to
take over the world

Luis Boyer Serrano
We want peace

Andrea Jacobs Talbutt
Oh yes

Heidi Moreau
COOL !like that!

Shannon Callahan
"Music is the last true voice of the human
spirit. It can go beyond language, beyond age and
beyond color..straight to the mind and heart of
all people" -Ben Harper

Jordan Briley
This a wonderful program and idea!!!

Barbara Desrosiers

Twila Nesvold

Tricia Ulrich

Diane Allhands
i *** to see this on PBS; what a neat idea this
guy had and the music is cool. i actually ordered
the cd.

Christo James
hi gays its a good job you *** go on

Ruby Means
If everyone felt this way... we could live in
peace & harmony!

Eugene Wolf
The trailer makes me weep.

Oscar Gonzalez
Talking about music of the world they have united
maybe half of the world, a world sometimes we
guess is not common to us, but at the end is the
only thing we have common between us Hablando de
musica del mundo, ellos talves unieron la mitad
del mundo, un mundo que a veces pensamos que no
nos es comun, pero talves es lo unico que tenemos
en comun entre nosotros

Fidel Rojo de Santiago
heiit, what song is that one on the beginning ?
whit only guitar ?

Teatro Nucleo
amo il vostro lavoro. siete dei maestri. grazie.

Yasoda Deschenes
Our world - Ahmen!

Nathalie Legaye
Great! Vive l'amour, pas la guerre! ;o)

Maria Julia Papini
lets make love not war...Lennon have said
so...peace and love is what we are lacking...

Maria Julia Papini
hope to seeing the world a little better before I

Nano Cohen
excelente video

Sandrine Aguirre
MUSIC!!! Thank you...Sand from Paris

Marianne Quast
Wunderschön! Danke für Eure Arbeit!

Filipe Augusto Pinto Pinheiro
Por vezes, o pecado é um problema entre as
pessoas, e não dentro delas. A experiência pode
comunicar um laço impossível de exprimir por

Devorah Segall
This is beautiful..Yasher Koach-(go forward in
strength with the blessing of this project ) I
would love to contribute my musical self to this
project.Can we connect? I'm in

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