Say It - Blue October [HQ]

12 Ekim 2010 Salı, 18:23

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Amber Goynes Atkinson
I love this song. I just *** out of a
relationship and this is exactly what I needed to
say to my ex partner! Exactly why I left!

MariaDaniela Scalia

Heather N Eck
I ♥ this song! LOVED it live!

Andrea Salewsky
just coming back from the***sterdam concert
tonight. last show of the tour. great show,
wonderful music, nice guys.

Susan Bachman

Jaggedfellow Balmes
Damn this song! Do they know how to make good
music only !!! Sir Justin, your GREAtNESSS ...

Maria Calabrese
i can't get enough, they're awsome.

Marie-Claire Moreau
i like it!!!!

Michelle Filip
love it!

April D Carey
Beautiful, artistic... so handsome. Love it.

Mark C Carrier
another great one from blue october

Staci L Carr

Sawsan Haroon
hell yea that's my band!

Lilleh Howard
These guys are the kind of people me and my
friends make fun of and call freaks but yet we
listenb to Blue October and related bands and we
adore them. The irony.

Joy Rudy
I ♥ you guys so much! :) Blue October FTW!

Terry Dalton Erickson
such a groovy song...

Tricia Kazmer Holfelder
I think this is my favorite video...I love the

Tiffani Treadway
I have to admit...I didn't like the new
album at first now I can't stop playing it!
Going to the Seattle show and I can't wait! I
saw "the scar" on youtube and it blew me
away too! Justin, you look very yummy!

Beth Williams-Plants
I love BLUE!!!!

Davidh Calzada

Kimberly McCarthy
Love this song!! Thx Blue October for helping
break the stigma! ;)

Monica McIntyre Allison
Will be there Friday in San Antonio. CAN NOT

Janice King
my favorite tune on new it

Nadia Noddy Steenekamp
Awesome!!!!!!Cant wait for the album to come to
South Africa.....

Ahmad Suliman
lol aswem like always

Kim Barnett Bigelow
I've watched this video three times so far
this morning. Waiting for another show around the
Detroit area or will have to go to Louisville, KY
for the show.

Millie Domenech
Love this song and love the video even more!

Esunica NoColón
Omg I cant get enough of this song

Sly Horton
great video. My computer is 2 slow watch a the
way through.

Jessica Morrison
love it!!!

Wendy White
Man he is hot for some one younger than me..
yikes !! he could knock on my door and I would be
very happy to let him in.... wolffffffff

Amanda Flux
♥ massive

Sophia Cheung
By far my favorite Blue October video! Love
Justin's black jacket!

Slater Jastone
tellement parfait……mon dieu… c'est
completement enorme. je vous ai vu a CANNE with

Daisy Thammavong
I love you guys and the music you make! Keep it

Amy Dean
I freakin love this song!!! Cool Video too!

Casey Jack
Love you guys!!!♥

Jeannie Bradshaw
Love it, Love it, Love it, when you come to the
UK this year it will be my 4th time, try doing a
gig in Brighton, uk, i'm sure you would love
it there, x

Candice Rowe
Love U Guys.....Enjoyed seeing you in Portland
Oregon, come back soon!

Jessie Forneris
nice guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Hicks
I only wish that a director could capture the
true emotional essense of Blue Oct...regardless,
this band is the best I've heard in a long
long time. Thanks!

Dee Ireland
I luv luv luv Blue October. My life line at
times. I*** forever in their gratitude. ♥ you

Rachel Watson
i ♥ this song =D

Anncey Dupont
Love it!! Awesome :D

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